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Grom vs. Brom Grom vs. Brom

Rated 4 / 5 stars


The guys move pretty stiffly. If you could've made it more fluid, it would be perfect. That will get better with time and practice, though.

Your artwork is pleasing to look at, it has a certain charm.

I liked the gag. It just goes to show that even creepy alien warriors have nagging wives!

Good job.

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undertoon responds:

thank you . . .for the advices!!

CSI: Minecraft CSI: Minecraft

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nice, haha

Would've been better if he'd died instead, to fit the CSI theme.
Nice one though, I love all things Minecraft, and the ending theme song part was the best bit.


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Falconer02 responds:

You make a good point. When I was working on this, I was thinking the same thing actually. I just wanted to tell the dumb joke as it really happened in our server. That, and your concept would have taken me forever to do considering I'm super lazy in the winter! lol but thanks a lot! Glad you enjoyed it!

Minecraft Pals Minecraft Pals

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This is great!

I like the way this doesn't poke fun directly at Minecraft, only the fickle nature of some players. The graphics are simple, and the voice acting is top notch.
I love the lip sync in this - it's done perfectly.
I also laughed at the gooey seriousness joke. I was expecting some more Minecraft related jokes, and perhaps something longer, but what the heck, it doesn't matter.
Well done, this is very enjoyable.

Making A Piranha Plant Making A Piranha Plant

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This is just fantastic.
It looks so lifelike. You must be an amazingly artistic and creative person, with tons of patience to pull that off.
It's great, and it's inspired me to try and make my own.

Orions Spartans: Origins Orions Spartans: Origins

Rated 2 / 5 stars


It would appear that the animation is done almost solely via tweens. It's too fast, and it looks jerky & cheap.

The graphics seem to be recycled in several areas, but other than that they're pretty decent. It's just a shame that they're let down by the half-assed animation.

The music's trying to make the whole thing more epic than it actually is.
The voice acting is a tad cheesy, but I've heard worse.

Okay, so...
Origins? What is this? A rip off of X-Men: Origins?
To me, that shows unoriginality. Not only is it a rip off of a game series, it's also a rip off of a movie's name.
Oh, and even the name doesn't utilize correct grammar.

And, by the way, I enjoy playing the Halo games.
But this doesn't do them any justice.
For shame.

Poor job.
Try harder.

Enzer0 responds:

Lets break it down shall we:
Take the highly successful animation "Broken Saints". Consists of Tweened animation Only. It Conveys Story.

Anime and animation in General Is all recycled. Prime example. Naruto Used fight scenes from other animes. Reusing your grahics is not a crime and saves time.

Thats what Audio is for - To ENHANCE a situation.

And I quote "The Key to Originality is not revealing your sources".
What does Origins mean. Where something Originates. Use sense here.

You've never animated anything - You don't understand how things work. One person doing everything takes a long time. So please - You try create something that gets front page - and when you do, message me, until then - Keep your "Superior" crtique to yourself.

Bad Review
Try Harder

~SA:ChristmasBattleParty~ ~SA:ChristmasBattleParty~

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Too drawn out.

The animation was fair.
The art was quite good.
But, over all, the story was a bit shallow and rather boring in my opinion.
I'm not saying I want lots of fighting scenes; just something a little more captivating.
I enjoy animations that have a solid, graspable plot-line and are clearly define as a certain genre.

I actually take offense to the "ADHD clock".
You labeling people with ADHD to purely have a short attention span is a bit thoughtless and slightly insulting in my opinion.
Which is surprising, as I thought you were one of those people that loves everyone, and is all happy happy happy, judging by the amount of "God bless you"s and "I love you all"s and "I love your honesty"s and "I prayed for you"s on your newsposts.

Also, the animal sex on the TV was a bit... twisted.

SpikeVallentine responds:

yeah, i'm ashamed of this project. yeah, the story is shallow, couldn't think of one quick enough.

I think I had ADHD, i'm not really labeling anyone. That's the definition of ADHD isn't it? Short attention span. I didn't make it up. I thought maybe people can relate to it and smile or something. Wasn't my intention to insult, i'm sorry.
Man I dont like to judge or i dont want to judge. Was I judging by that ADHD thing? I don't think "short attention span" is insultive at all. It's just a personality trait. I dont know, maybe you're more sensetive about this than I am. Sorry. You don't know me and I don't know you.

Yes I still love everyones honesty. and I love everyone and I enjoy praying. that ADHD has NOOOOOOOOOOOOOTHING NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING to do with my love for anyone. Man, I dont know. I dont see it. someone's gotta open my eyes. send me a message. my intention wasn't to insult no body. maybe i'm stupid sometimes and cant see things. yeah, maybe i am stupid.
Yeah, the sex on tv was twisted. i guess i took advice to literaly. the advice was "if you're going to have exposition going on, you better have two giraffs in teh background having sex". took the advice too literal and wanted to try it out. Guess i dont like the results. but basicly if you do exposition, make sure something shocking or interesting or different is going on so you dont bore them from talking.

Thanks for your honesty. Sorry about your negative feelings.

Sketched - Therapy Sketched - Therapy

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Really funny.

Loved it - the animation was top notch, and the humor was funny without being offensive.
Definitely going in my favorites.

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sirjeffofshort responds:

Thanks, we try to walk that line without crossing it so I'm glad it shows. Thanks again for the review.

Waterman (3D) Waterman (3D)

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I really enjoyed watching this.
How long did it take you to become this good at 3D?
I'm planning on doing 3D animation too, at some point in the near future.
The thing is, I'm relatively young, so if I practice a lot now then I'll most likely be extremely good in a few years.

Also, is there a way to increase the frame-rate in 3DS Max?
I've not got it, so I don't know.

Thanks for the brilliant animation :)

M1KES responds:

Well... i've been using 3d (not constantly) for about 5 years... but there is so much to learn, that you could spend 10 years and you still wouldnt know it all.

The earlier you start.. the better.. but you got to take it seriously from the start..

And yes... you can put the framerate as high or low as you want in 3ds max.

Thx 4 watching

Transformations Movie Transformations Movie

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Hardly any true "transformations" but good effort.

Well, as stated by others before, the art isn't that good.
Song works well, but you shouldn't be getting too much credit for that.
Lines moving around the screen - any beginner can animate that with a relative degree of skill.
It's one of the easiest things to animate.

I saw no transformations. when the truck appeared, I thought "Maybe there will be a sweet transformation into something else, Transformers style".
Alas, no, you put a while square over it. Honestly, I was expecting a real TRANSFORMATION. The name is not "White squares over vehicles movie" is it?

And the menu... yikes. This was the worst part of your Flash.
The button and text isn't centered. The font isn't good.
In the future, I suggest sticking with the NG preloader instead of a custom play button.

BUT there's one good thing about the menu - you didn't use a crappy Gradient Fill. Thank god for that.
And at least you put a fair amount of effort into the movie.
Still, spending some more time on the vehicle art to make it better would have been good.

You've just got to look at your Flash and think "How would this look to other people? Is the animation for that water coming behind the boat realistic? Does it look like water?"

Keep practicing. Draw more complex things. If it doesn't look good, draw it again. Look at pictures and draw from them. Work on smoothing out your animations. Can you see a pattern here?

PRACTICE. Repetition. It's the key to success.
Good luck.

TriForce12 responds:

Cheers, Shmossy

There She Is!! final step There She Is!! final step

Rated 5 / 5 stars

One of the best series on NG.

I've enjoyed the entire series, and I'm glad to see it end happily.
Great animation and song choice, all centered around a heartwarming story.
What more could anyone ask for?